Why You Need to Have Your Own Hosting

Teuku Published on June 03, 2021

As a website owner who is used to professional needs, there are lots of reasons why you need to have your own hosting. One of the most important is because of the security and confidentiality of your company and MSME business data.

Sharing hosting with other users who share the same website is indeed the most appropriate way to build your own business website. Because the price is cheap and the website data installation process is simple.

But over time, when your website is filled with customer personal data, using shared hosting or shared hosting with other people will endanger the data.

That's one of the reasons why you need to have your own hosting if you have a business website for growing professional needs.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Hosting for the Web

Hosting is indeed the most important part of a website. However, choosing web hosting is also not arbitrary.

If you use web hosting in an untrusted place or share the same server with other people, there will be many losses that can be experienced, both in terms of speed, SEO and in terms of data security.

So here are some reasons why you should have your own hosting for your business website.

Data Security

As previously stated, the security of personal data belonging to customers and your own website must be a priority. Especially if your website is an online store site, where customers must enter personal data such as ID cards, email addresses and cellphone numbers to register.

By having private hosting, you can ensure that no one other than your team can disassemble the data.

Private hosting is usually also equipped with much higher security than shared hosting or even free hosting (free hosting). So you don't have to worry about data leaks carried out by irresponsible people.

Website Performance

It's no secret that if we use shared hosting, it means that one server is used by many websites, you have to share space and also share server management with other people.

So, if one of the websites on the server experiences problems or a surge in visitors, then your website will also experience problems.

Moreover, if another website is affected by a virus, then your website will also be affected. Therefore, using private hosting is more recommended than shared hosting if that is your need for a business website.

Data confidentiality

The next reason is still related to the first point. Even though the data in your web and hosting has never been dismantled or tampered with by others, if many people can see it means it's a lie.

Therefore, in addition to security, the confidentiality of the data on the website must also be prioritized.

The data referred to here is not only customer data. But also the source code of the site, its contents, and much more.

Of course you don't want to suddenly have a cloned website with all the same designs, features, and facilities because the source code of the website on the hosting is copied by someone else.

More Flexibility in Adding Plugins

Sometimes, you need to add certain plugins to improve the performance or functionality of your website. For example, to speed up loading times, add lazy load features, and much more.

Usually shared hosting service providers limit the use of plugins that can be installed. Because too many plugins can cause slow hosting performance and plugins can stack between one user and another.

But if you have your own hosting, adding as many plugins as any is not a problem anymore. Although you still have to carefully choose which plugins are important and which ones you don't need to use.

Avoid Using the Same Hosting as Scammers

If you've used various ways to optimize SEO but your website can't compete on Google search pages, maybe one of the reasons is because the website shares the same hosting with scammer websites and other illegal content.

Because Google's algorithm can identify where the website hosting is used by scammers and which websites share the hosting.

Usually, scammers use free web hosting or cheap hosting. However, some quality shared hosting services are also cheated and entered by scammers.

That's the reason why you need to have your own hosting, which is to avoid scammers who can mess with website SEO.

Has a Wider Storage Capacity and is Free to Organize

The last reason why you need to have your own hosting is to have more storage capacity and be easier to manage.

In shared hosting, you need to share hosting with other people, who may use a lot of Js code on their website. This can affect the loading time of your hosting site which becomes slower because it is too full.

Meanwhile, if you have your own hosting, you can freely manage your hosting storage memory. In addition, the quota that you can use is also much wider than using shared hosting.


Such is the reason why you need to have your own hosting for your website. So from now on, immediately look for the best quality hosting service and you can trust.

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