How to Download YouTube Videos and Music Online with Snappea

Teuku Published on June 03, 2021

How to Download YouTube Videos and Music Online with Snappea – Downloading videos and music from the internet is something we have often done for a long time, but now it's much easier because we don't need any software to install. We just need to pull the URL of the video or music from various sources on the video download site and click Download, then we will be able to get the video or music.

Indeed, currently the internet is very developed, almost all places are connected to the internet network, but downloading videos and music is still the main choice because we can save the file on our device and enjoy it even though we are not connected to the internet, and of course we will not be disturbed by advertisements. when enjoying music or videos like when we play them on YouTube.

In this article, I will introduce you to a free online YouTube video and music download website that makes it easy for you to easily download videos and music from various sources on the internet with just a few simple steps. The online YouTube video and music download site is Snappea.

What is Snappea?

Snappea is an easy-to-use functional online download website that allows you to search and download content as you like, and guarantees a safe file when you get your downloaded files.

Unlike major online downloaders on the internet, Snappea offers downloading for YouTube videos, online videos from multiple sources, download music, YouTube to MP3 converter, and YouTube to MP4.

Fortunately, Snappea is available for all devices. Snappea is not only easy to use, but thanks to its simple user interface it will make downloading easier for users.

In addition, on the Snappea homepage there are also several lists of videos that are currently hot and most downloaded, this can be a good recommendation that might attract users to download it.

Not only that, Snappea also has a special application for android users, so you can install Snappea on your android device to download various video and music content from YouTube and other platforms much easier. You can download the .apk file from the official Snappea website.

Features and Advantages of Snappea

The following are the excellent features of Snappea as an online video download website that is easy to use and the download process is fast:

  • It comes with support for searching YouTube videos on the site
  • It comes with support for downloading from YouTube
  • You can download your favorite YouTube videos without downloading any app or software
  • You can download videos and music online from more than 100 platforms
  • Support YouTube MP3 with various sizes 50k MP3 bit rate up to 160k MP3 bit rate and YouTube MP4
  • Snappea is available for Android devices as an app and for PC, iOS as a website
  • Snappea website supports multiple languages ​​(Indonesian is also supported)
  • Snappea is a 100% free online download site.

How to Use Snappea

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Snappea to get your videos through search or from YouTube:

  • Visit the website

  • There are many selected videos on the homepage, you can try to download them to start
  • For YouTube, enter the YouTube URL and click the search button
  • For YouTube MP3 or music format, you can click download from 50k MP3 bit rate to 160k MP3 bit rate.
  • While the video is in MP4 format, select the resolution of your choice, for example (360P or 720 HD).

  • After clicking on one of the downloads, Snappea will start the download within a few seconds.

With Snappea, you can download various types of videos from major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, and many others. You can also convert YouTube videos to MP3 if you just want to enjoy the music with various sizes from 50k MP3 bit rate to 160k MP3 bit rate. Or to YouTube MP4 format.

Previously, you may have noticed that Google doesn't support videos downloaded from YouTube, those videos are restricted and that's another reason why this app can't be on Google Playstore. And sites like Snappea are a great solution if you want to get free videos and music from YouTube or other platforms.

And that's a review about Snappea that discusses what snappea is, the advantages of snappea and how to use snappea. Hopefully this article is useful and congratulations on downloading videos and music from the internet easily and for free. good luck

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