How to change app icons on Android?

Teuku Published on June 29, 2021

One of the most important factors influencing the popularity of the Android platform is the extensive customization options available. However, the standard set of features does not always allow the user to fully satisfy their needs, and in some cases, such as replacing the icon, other methods must be used. The simplest approach to alter the icon is to utilize specialized programs known as Launchers. Launchers are a type of shell that controls the device's graphic design, as well as the operation of tables and different widgets.

How to change the icons using the launcher

The ability to alter icons is available in virtually all launchers; all you have to do is pick one you like from a vast selection. Although the process of updating icons varies depending on the application, the method is usually quite similar.

First, you must select if you want to utilize the launcher's default collection of icons or download extra packages, which are also rather large.
Next, choose "Icons" or "Personalization" from the "Settings" - "Applications" menu, then select the needed package from the "Icons" or "Personalization" line (this line may change on various devices).
You may also choose to start with a package and then "Set icons" in the menu launcher.

Replacement of icons with the help of special software

If you like the standard launcher but don't like the pre-installed icons, you may use the Beautiful Icon Styler program to alter the pictures without having to install a custom launcher.
After launching the program, we'll see the main menu, where you'll need to hit the "Start" key, then pick the launcher where we'll replace the icons, and use the svaypas to navigate between pages with premium and free icon packages:

It's worth noting that, at this time, the application is available for free, but there are only three downloads available in free mode; to continue working with Beautiful Icon Styler, you'll have to pay, but the program's pricing is reasonable.
Icons with "Superuser" rights have been replaced.
It is possible to utilize the Xposed Framework software and an extra module to it, Unicon, if you have ROOT access on your device. Install and start the application, then go to "Modules," then "Unicon," and alter the icons there.

It's important to realize that such techniques are always risky, so if you're not an experienced user, it's best to utilize launchers.

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