Guide to Reinstall Android Phone with Odin

Teuku Published on March 20, 2024

When a cellphone has a problem, reinstalling an Android cellphone is one of the options to solve the problem the fastest. Especially if the problems you are experiencing are related to the software or firmware from HP. Because just like on a computer, reinstalling on a cellphone is also useful for resetting all data and firmware on the cellphone. That way, your cellphone will be like new again without any files that make storage full or applications that interfere with Android performance.

How to reinstall an Android phone itself is not much different from reinstalling a computer. Therefore, let's find out how the complete tutorial is in the following article.

Before Reinstalling HP

Before reinstalling HP yourself, there are a few things you need to know first, including:

Reinstalling Will Erase All Data on HP

Just like on a computer, reinstalling HP will also delete all data on your cellphone. Whether it's photos, documents, music, videos, to all applications that are already installed in HP storage. Therefore, make sure you do a backup first before installing HP.

Special Firmware Required According to HP Series

Unlike computers that only require 1 firmware, namely Windows, the process of reinstalling HP requires different firmware and is adjusted to the brand of HP you are using.

For example, if you are using a Samsung A10 cellphone, then the firmware used must be specific to the A10. If you use firmware that doesn't match the HP series, even though it's still 1 brand, then your cellphone will fail to boot and end up not turning on at all.

Failed to Reinstall Can Cause Bigger Problems

In most cases, failing to reinstall an Android phone can cause bigger problems. For example, when the cellphone dies during the install process, the storage memory becomes corrupted.

Therefore, we suggest that you first prepare all the materials needed and understand this article to the end before starting to execute on your cellphone.

Know-How to Enter Safe Mode on each HP

In reinstalling Android, you need to know how to enter the HP Safe Mode first. How to enter this mode is also different in each HP.

Usually, to enter Safe Mode, you need to press a combination of Volume, Power, and Home buttons. So to find out how to enter Safe Mode on the cellphone you are using, please read the manual in the packaging box.

Or if you buy a second hand, please browse on Google to find out how to enter Safe Mode on each cellphone.

How to Reinstall Your Android Phone

After knowing what to prepare and what will happen, now we will go into the main discussion. Well, if you are sure you want to reinstall your Android phone, please follow the tutorial below.


Before reinstalling HP, first, prepare the following things.

  • Android phone that you want to reinstall
  • HP battery in full condition
  • Firmware according to the HP to be installed
  • USB type C data cable
  • Laptop or PC
  • Software to reinstall Android

There is much software that you can use to reinstall HP. But in this tutorial, we will use the Odin application.


If you have provided all the preparations, now is the time to follow the tutorial to reinstall your Android phone below.

  1. The first step, turn on the laptop and extract your HP firmware
  2. Open the Odin software
  3. Connect HP with a laptop using data cable
  4. Turn on the cellphone by going into Safe Mode
  5. See if Odin detects your phone or not
  6. If it is detected, click AP on Odin and look for the firmware file that was prepared earlier
  7. Click the option Enable Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time
  8. After everything is ready, now click Start
  9. Wait until the flashing process is complete and make sure the laptop or cellphone does not die in the middle of the process
  10. If the reinstallation process is successful, there will be a green Pass writing Pass

Some HP brands may have slightly different reinstallation steps. But basically, you only need to connect your cellphone to a laptop in Safe Mode, open the Odin application and look for the HP firmware, then immediately start the reinstallation or flashing process.

That's the tutorial for reinstalling the Android cellphone itself and its preparation. If there is a part that is not understood, please ask in the comments column provided below. And if you are hesitant to reinstall yourself, please visit an HP repair shop instead of sacrificing all the data on the HP, all deleted without any results.

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