6 Best Adventure Games On Android

Teuku Published on March 20, 2024

6 Best Adventure Games On Android

Games are one of the ways that many of the world choose to be able to entertain themselves. After going through various activities as well as work that is hit every day. But did you know that many people actually pursue the game so that they become athletes, especially for online games. There are many types of games that can be both entertaining and challenging, one of which is an adventure game that can be played via your cellphone or android.

Here are some recommendations regarding android adventure games that you can choose from.

The first game came under the name Rayman Adventures. As the name implies, this game provides various adventures that are suitable for you, if you want a game that is comfortable and also light but still challenging. For gamers who are in the era of PS1 or Playstation 1, you must be familiar with this one character. The Rayman character is back on mobile devices, especially Android for free. This game also carries an adventurous and platformer theme with an on-screen controller. Still produced by the same company, this adventure game will of course help you to entertain and also release fatigue every day. For adventure game lovers it doesn't feel legitimate if you haven't played Rayman Adventure.

It was booming a few years before Pokemon Go, an adventurous game that should not be missed. This game is one of the pioneers of augmented reality games or games that are in the real world.

Pokemon Go makes use of GPS or the actual area. Even so, this game does raise pros and cons. When it was launched many people played without looking at the surrounding area. So that there are quite a lot of accidents. In addition, this game will also connect to the two worlds between the game world and also the real world that you do in Pokemon Go. You can't stay still so you have to move and also get as much pokemon as possible. In addition, if you find a poke stop, you can hunt various pokemon and also fight other higher levels you can explore the city to find a place to practice or spend time while exercising. But remember to note that this game uses real GPS, so when playing you have to be careful.

Furthermore, the 3rd adventure game which is one of the most popular games because it carries the theme of the adaptation of the film and also Harry Potter's best novel, namely Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. This game will help you to explore what it feels like to be a student in a magic school like Harry Potter.

This game tells a new story where exactly 4 years, after the birth of Harry Potter you enter and also play as a good witch. You also have to become a new student and also solve the mystery in the game. There is no need to think hard in this game because this game is actually very simple and you only need to tap, and enjoy the story that is given.

Are you a fan of the ice age movie. Mammoth and his friends have been successfully adapted into an adventure game or adventure game that you can use, as a way to entertain or release fatigue.

This game will attract your attention by going around various areas in Ice Age. The characters are also familiar to you. So there is no need to choose another character. This game made by Gameloft has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has received a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store.

What are you waiting for ? Don't miss this funny game, it's even perfect for those of you who want to play the adventurous type, but still light and fun.

Furthermore, you certainly don't know that there is a film called Tomb Raider. This film was adapted into a game which apparently caught the attention of many people. Because it upholds adventure stories that are almost the same as the real films.

You could say this game is included in the popular game because it has characters or hot girls, and it is certain that this game is favored by boys. Here you have to find a way out very carefully, and also avoid criminals who are chasing you.

Besides that, the one shoot kill system and the map are difficult, making you really good at playing this adventure game.

How does it feel to be a superhero, especially being a betwen, now you don't need to worry anymore. Because in addition to the film, you can practice it yourself where you can play an adventurous game called Batman The Enemy Within.

This gotham city superhero finally has his own game for smartphones that you can play. You have to choose decisions in the story that will have an impact on the story. So be careful in the puzzle or story selection that you have chosen, unlike the usual adventure games, the graphics of this game are very good. So that you will be more satisfied if you play it by taking advantage of various features or technology that are very maximal.

That is information about various adventurous games that are loved by many players in Indonesia. Actually there are still other adventurous games that you can choose from, from assassin creed which tells about viruses or pirates, and Dead Effect which tells about mutated monsters.

Rusty, who tells the story of a mystery adventure with puzzles that you have to solve and so on. Each of these games has advantages and disadvantages. Of course you need a device that supports it. In order to be able to play without experiencing lag and still enjoy the sophisticated graphics of the game.

Rayman Adventures

Pokemon Go

Harry Potter : Hogwart Mistery

Ice Age

Tomb Raider

Batman The Enemy Within

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