6 Basic Youtube Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Teuku Published on June 03, 2021

Nowadays if anyone wants to see some of the latest music video clips or find the latest tutorials on a subject, or any content that we want to know about, the first place that usually comes to our mind is YouTube. However, there are some really cool YouTube features and tips and tricks that most YouTube users don't know about.

In this article I intend to share with you 6 basic features of YouTube that will optimize your experience, make it easier to use YouTube and know some tricks from YouTube to make this platform more enjoyable and effective for users.

Share videos starting from a certain time

If you want to share a YouTube video at exactly a certain point, second, minute, you can do so in a few simple steps.

How: Just pause or pause the video at the time you want other users to start watching it and right-click on the video screen. A menu will appear from which you can select “Copy video URL at current time” or “Copy video URL at current time” and share it. Then automatically, the user will click the copied link and open the live video at a certain time as you want.

Auto replay video video

There are times when you want to see or hear a YouTube video, Maybe you want to hear your favorite song over and over again. So, to replay the song in that YouTube video, you don't have to tap again every time the video ends, there is an option on YouTube that allows you to replay any video automatically.

All you have to do is right-click on the video that you want to play back automatically and from the menu that appears select “Loop”. Now the video will continue to play back automatically until you enter the menu again and uncheck the "Loop" menu.

Play videos in HD quality by default

For most videos on YouTube, the video quality is set at the lowest quality by default so it can play smoothly even at low internet speeds. But if you are really sure about your internet speed, you can adjust the system on YouTube to always play videos in HD format or the best quality of YouTube videos.

How: For this third tips and tricks you need a third party extension for your browser, the extension is named “Magic Actions for YouTube” which is only available for the best browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, enable the Auto HD option in the extension and select the appropriate resolution for your YouTube videos. You can also adjust and scroll to adjust the volume of your video.

More accurate video search

There are millions of videos on YouTube. So finding a YouTube video specifically what you want can be difficult at times. In this search for videos on YouTube you may find yourself scouring dozens of pages in hopes of finding the video you really want to watch.

If you don't want to make it easier to find the video you want to watch on YouTube, just add the word Allintitle: before the keyword you use to search for the video. It basically only gives you video search results that include the selected keywords.

Remove specific keywords in search

You can choose specific keywords to search for, or not. For example, you're looking for a tutorial on 'domain registration'; using the most conventional search form, you will find many videos on how to register a domain using Godaddy.

Now let's think that you're looking for some tutorials on domain registration and you don't want to get video results about domain registration from GoDaddy (because you've already watched it, or for some other reason), you can exclude keywords from your search results in the following way: keywords -excluded keywords

And in cases like this example, the keyword is Register domain and the excluded keyword is Godaddy, so you can type in the search as follows Register domain -Godaddy

Check video playback speed

YouTube users are well aware of the red and gray panel markings that come from slow buffering of the videos you're watching. So to avoid any annoyances, you can always do a speed test to find out if there is a problem with your own video or internet connection.

All you have to do is right click on the video and a menu will appear, then select “Stats for nerds”. An information box will appear in one corner of the video screen that will provide you with information about your internet connection speed, network activity, and video buffering health.

Apart from the connection speed, this information box will show you many other statistics about the video i.e. Video ID, Frame, Optimal resolution and Codec, etc.


And those are some simple tips and tricks from YouTube that if you use it will make it easier and improve the user experience in enjoying videos on YouTube.

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