11 Recommended FPS Games on PC and Android

Teuku Published on March 20, 2024

15 Recommended FPS Games on PC and Android

Talking about games or games is never ending. Especially now that there are many technologies and advanced features that help support the game. To make it easier to run and accessible by using tablets, gadgets, PCs, cellphones and many more.

One of them is a type of game known as an FPS game. Short for first person shooter, this game is almost the same as some popular games. The players will become a sniper who will defeat certain enemies or targets.

The popularity of FPS is none other than because of games that have sprung up and are also of the same kind. These games are actually based on playstation games or xbox games in ancient times. But now the game has switched to a more sophisticated game system. The following are recommendations for 15 FPS games on android phones.

The first game came from a game called Hitman Sniper. Where this game system is perfect for those of you who really like action films. If so, you must be familiar with a game system that is almost similar to an overseas action film called Hitman Agent 47.

This film has even been shown in Indonesian theaters. But unfortunately this game is paid and is not available for free. But if you are really interested you can buy it directly in the playstore because there are many challenging missions up to 150 missions, which you have to beat this game. The download is quite high even though it is not paid.

The second recommended game. For those of you who need an FPS game system on Android, this modern combat 5 blackout game is entered into a very good shooting game and has amazingly cool graphics.

This game was also developed by the well-known company Gameloft and became a series of modern combat games that existed before. The graphic quality of this game is very good, so the game is much more exciting and challenging, of course for those of you who want to try this game. You can immediately try it as a single player or multiplayer. However, this game only has 6 levels.

Furthermore, the third game is referred to as frontline commando ww2 or World War. You certainly don't know that how is the condition after WW2 from the films that are often shown. In fact, this game is becoming popular among the European community.

Because this game tells how the conditions of the events after the second world war. The graphics of the game are very good, the facilities for new weapons are indeed diverse. It's just that the drawback of this game is that you need a very large ram because the weight is quite heavy.

The 4th game that you must install and also play as an example of the recommended FPS game on Android phones is Shadowgun Deadzone. Even though it can be played as a single player, it would be nice if you could play this game together with friends who are also FPS game lovers.

The theme of this game is gun war. So that the better the weapon you get, the more powerful the weapon will be. How do you get the weapon you want? You get it when playing directly or defeating opponents in these games. The drawback is that weapons can only be obtained during war and cannot be purchased using coins or other things.

Into the dead is the next game that requires you to be able to survive and also blame a horde of zombies, who will come to attack. You only have a few eggs to fight them all and also try to defend yourself, so as not to be attacked by the enemy seeking as much help as possible.

If you have the opportunity and also stay away from enemy attacks. Both of these strategies can help you to last long into the game into the dead. The plus is that this game can update automatically and the graphics and audio are very good.

Another game that you can download because it has a unique appearance and reminds you of some PS games is pixel gun 3D. You can play it single player or multiplayer where this game has very good quality even though it is 3D based.

Besides that, even though the graphics are boxy, the animation and gameplay are not good. This recommendation is perfect for those of you who need games with a light weight.

The 7th game which is one of the recommended games because it is included in the FPS type on Android is Far Cry 4. This game combines the theme of the Avengers story or adventure which is also an action that must be thumbs up. so for those of you who often feel bored when trying to play FPS games.

Of the various series given, many say that Far Cry 4 is the best FPS game on Android. You can even attack the enemy just by sitting on the elephant's back and not with just one side. Besides that, the equipment for the enemy is also very complete.

Using the zombie theme again, this FPS game is eagerly awaited by many because of its high graphics and game quality. Another fun thing that can be obtained, if you succeed in defeating the zombies, you will get points and money that can be bought for weapons to improve your supplies.

Not only how apart from the enemy's chase, this game also tests your strategy and fighting tricks. Of course, it is supported by sophisticated devices and the more money you can buy even cooler weapons.

The ninth game that you can choose is a game called Warhammer Fantasy. Based on the category, Warhammer is included in the FPS which can be played with an Android phone. Unfortunately, because this game is heavy, it requires good cellphone specifications and high memory. If you look at Warhammer, it's almost the same as Left 4 Dead, and this is an FPS game that completely hones our cooperative side.

Later you and 3 other friends can dominate a city and fight the enemy. The weapons provided are axes, arrows, magic, and swords and others. Apart from that the advantages that can be felt, the corpse enemies in this game are really creepy.

Want to feel like a stalker? The next FPS game is called The Signal from Tolva. Later you will try to hijack a spy drone, try to investigate the signal and try to fend off robot attacks in exploring the existing planets. Besides that you can also ask for help in battle. Unfortunately this game still hasn't attracted attention in Indonesia because the storyline is considered strange. Even though The Signal from Tolva was successfully combined with great sound and various cool weapons.

Day of Infamy is the tenth game that is included in the FPS game. Where later you will fight stupid enemies, but unfortunately they are accurate and thorough. The enemies also carry a lot of weapons and they will never stop attacking. Hand speed is needed in this game.

Hitman Sniper

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Commando WW2

Shadowgun Deadzone

Into The Dead

Pixel Gun 3D

Far Cry 4

Killing Floor 2

Warhammer Fantasy

The Signal from Tolva

Day of Infamy

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